Off – road as a mindset

Going against the flow is more than just a challenge. It is a lifestyle. By connecting people who dare to think and act differently, we aim to build a unique community and help you share your passion. By redefining the off-roading experience, we strive to become your partner in all the adventures awaiting around the corner.

Ready to go off the road with us?


Special Offline Maps

Turn into a true explorer with our outdoor maps, discover secret forest trails and enjoy off-the-beaten-path experiences.

Tracking & Planning

Stay on track even when off road. Build and import routes in advance, save and share tracks, set interim destinations and multiple directions.

Waypoints & Photo Trails

Save interesting places - create your own guide map, fill it with on-the-scene photos, then make public for others to see.

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Map Your Adventure

BurnsOffroad maps combine general POIs with waypoints left by other users. Willing to go beyond average routes? Uncover pins with caves, abandoned military bunkers and unusual historical attractions.

  • Offline maps
  • Multiple layers
  • Advanced search

Never Get Lost

Off-roading is about fun, not danger or creepy experiences. Even if you venture too deep into the woods, BurnsOffroad’s complex but easy-to-use navigation tools will guide you back home safe and sound.

  • Route Builder
  • Navigation to custom destinations
  • Multiple directions in a single view

Blaze Your Trail

Make a live document of your travels and give others a tip: pinpoint spectacular spots, mark places to avoid, upload photos, add descriptions. Need some inspiration? Check out the waypoints left by fellow off-roaders!

  • Interesting places and fascinating discoveries
  • Only real pictures
  • Business POIs


Enjoy your adventures in the wild to the fullest with BurnsOffroad. See what our app has to offer to bring you some truly engaging team activities.
Live Mode
Find companions for your trip and learn about exciting events in your area or all across the map.
Smells like team spirit! Join a club, organize competitions, and feel what it’s like to be a part of a family of soulmates.
Share your location with friends and let them follow your journey online. It’s also a good way to get help in difficult situations.
BurnsOffroad made meeting new friends easy. Search the app for people who share your passion, manage friend lists, and interact!
Create private or group chats, browse conversation history, and check message statuses. Stay connected and communicate without leaving the app.

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Access different vehicle-optimized smartphone apps with Can-Am Spyder. Get directions with BurnsOffroad and share experiences with your community — all while enjoying your ride.
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